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Asialics Conference 2018 & Cicalics Workshop 2018 aims to link up scholars and research groups on learning, innovation and competence building for development around China with international communities. This conference provides a platform to build a broadened understanding of innovation and growth strategy in the connected world (e.g., strategy, innovation / product development, entrepreneurship, information systems, economics, organization science, globalization, public policy, etc.). The diffusion of novel and powerful digital technologies has made the world connected (e.g., social media, crowdsourcing / crowdfunding, virtual worlds, Internet of Things, augmented reality, blockchain) as well as transformed both innovation and growth in significant ways with broad organizational and policy implications. The growth of the sharing and platform economy has sparked great interest within the innovation management community.

The connected world and digitization has also compelled government agencies and other public institutions to rethink the laws, regulations, and policies on innovation and sustainable development related to a broad range of issues including intellectual property rights, data security, entrepreneurship ecosystem, and regional/local inclusive development.

The Asian Countries have experienced the challenge and opportunities in innovation and growth from the new technologies, new platforms, and infrastructures to connect the world in the digital and sharing era. This is the exciting context for the Asialics Conference and Cicalics Workshop on Innovation and Growth Strategy in the Connected World.


Theme:Innovation and Growth Strategy in the Connected World


  • National, regional, sectoral, technological innovation systems & policy

  • Asian grand challenges in science, technology, and innovation

  • Innovation, society, and inclusive growth

  • Clean energy initiative for Asian economy

  • Service innovation

  • Intellectual property rights strategies and management

  • Economic, social and cultural impact of technology and its role in sustainable development

  • Financing innovation and technology development

  • Techno-entrepreneurship technology entrepreneurship in the connected world

  • Open innovation and University-Industry-Institute collaboration

  • Innovation of firms from emerging economies in the era of globalization and de-globalization

  • Innovation management of MNEs from developed countries in emerging economies

  • Business model innovation in emerging economies

  • Policy governance for inclusive and sustainable development

  • Studies on innovation management and education and training of innovation manager


Important Dates

Deadline for full paper submission:
June 18, 2018
Deadline for registration & online payment:
Aug. 20, 2018
Conference date:
Aug. 25-26, 2018

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